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Why Weight? Look better, feel better, be your best from the inside out with Georgette LePage. 


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Being healthy doesn’t have to be hard and seem impossible. In this show, your dedicated host, Georgette LePage, joined by Dr. Pat Baccili, will help you discover the joys of healthy weight loss and all the benefits of living a more peaceful lifestyle. Once you feel good about yourself on the inside, your outside will reflect that, and you’ll start looking good too.

Georgette lives and breathes what she teaches; she is living proof of what can work for you. Join her as she tackles topics that are often seen as roadblocks to weight loss and offers you practical solutions for transformational changes that will help you feel empowered! Using your greatest asset, your mind, you’ll learn to take charge of your thoughts, actions, and feelings. There’s no magic pill or an absolute solution and that’s exciting! Starting right away with small steps will guide you closer and closer to the results you want and deserve.

As Georgette demonstrates on a daily basis, empowering yourself with new ideas and strategies can jumpstart your journey to mental and physical health and bring forth a tidal wave of joyful, positive results. Don’t ever lose hope: there are practical and simple ways to improve your physical health by first reframing your thoughts and your mindset. With Georgette, you’ll see long lasting positive changes in your life open up right in front of you!