“Working with Georgette has been life changing. For the first time in years, I believe in myself again. I have mental clarity, the tools to success, and the weight is finally coming off.” 





“I’m seeing sunshine again and life coaching puts things in perspective.  I’m in control. If you don’t like the path you’re  going down, maybe you need to get off the path.” 


“I have struggled all my life with weight gain. I would say I was the queen of all diets. Yes, they worked for short periods of time, but I gained the weight back and more each time. I was sitting in my room feeling depressed and defeated. I was 50 pounds heavier and deciding again how I was going to take the weight off again. I had no energy or will power to even start again. Well, someone was looking out for me because I saw Georgette’s name pop up on Facebook. It said something about weight loss. I don’t know what possessed me to reach out, but I sent a private message asking if she dealt with helping others with weight loss issues. I was embarrassed and nervous but Georgette wrote back, “ Yes I do.” Well, we set up a FaceTime appointment and from there my life changed. Through our wonderful sessions, I learned so many things that it would take me a book to write. Never in a million years did I think by reaching out that day my life would finally change. Thank you, Georgette, for being the guiding light and force that lead me to lose weight and become a healthy individual.” 


“Hiring Georgette as my health coach has been transformational for my mental and physical health. Not only have I lost 14 pounds, but I have learned how to prioritize myself and my well being! Georgette’s approach helped me learn more about myself and how to remove my own barriers to be the best version of me! I’m truly grateful to her!” 




“During my time with Georgette, I was able to understand and unpack the reason WHY I was doing what I was doing and practice strategies that I use daily. She was a patient listening ear who had an uncanny sense of when to push deeper which allowed the sessions to be relaxed and comfortable while making immense progress. Highly recommended!”