Happy Tuesday! I am fascinated by what words really mean and how there are often hidden clues within a word that help us to move forward on our health journey. Here are a few of my favorite words that start with the prefix RE, which means AGAIN. 


Replay: Think about what worked for you in the past with your weight loss and let that image show up in your mind over and over again to remind you about how you found success before so you can do it again!


Recalculate: Examine what you’re doing for yourself and see where you need to spend more time on that effort. You may need to shift your focus.


Reframe: Flip negative thoughts that discourage you into positive, uplifting ones.


Restart: Go back to your plan and try it again from the beginning! Each day offers a fresh start toward your goals.


Reset: Stop where you are right now and prioritize what you want and how you are going to get it step by step. Take one small step at a time, but just do something!


Repeat: Do something new over and over again to make it a habit.


Resume: Pick up where you left off when you make a mistake! Slips happen! Hop back on track and avoid falling off your plan all together. 


Redo: Do whatever worked for you in the past to reach a health goal! 


Relax: Loosen up and take a break for your mind and body!


Recharge: Give your energy a boost by exercising!


Remember: Keep telling yourself that you are worth the effort to take care of yourself on the inside and out!


Leave me a comment below about your favorite “RE word” and why it comes to mind for you!


You’ve got this!



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