Happy Tuesday! Close your eyes and think about standing at the bottom of a staircase. If you were to look all the way up to the top step, it would be obvious that you couldn’t just jump from the bottom step and automatically get to the top step, right? It takes the action of moving from the bottom step to the top one by taking one step at a time. Visualizing the staircase will help you realize that it works in that same way for everything!


Now, open your eyes and think about the last time that you expected a healthy change to take place instantly! Were you impatient? Did you really expect to reach your goal without doing the work in small steps? Why did you put so much pressure on yourself to succeed instantly?


In our world today, we expect things to be instant and effortless, but no one can really ever promise us that. We often buy into instant  gratification, especially with our health goals. You may ask yourself why it takes so long to lose weight or why it is hard to exercise for more than a few days without wanting to quit. Knowing that small steps lead to big changes can help you to reframe your thoughts so that you can realistically achieve your goals. Keeping this in mind and picturing that staircase that I mentioned earlier will encourage you to be patient, realistic, and hopeful while setting and meeting your health goals or any other goals for that matter. You have the power to choose how you think about taking small steps! It’s up to you! Which path would serve you best? Try some small steps and let me know how that feels and what happens as a result!


You’ve got this!


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