Happy Tuesday! So often we forget that life is 50/50: half positive and half negative. The good, the bad, and the ugly make up our life. The refreshing idea that I want to offer is that although you don’t choose what happens to you, you DO choose how you react to it! That is a powerful mind shift. It puts the ownership onto you. No more excuses, no more hiding or dodging how you show up to manage the circumstances of life.


One step at a time, you are empowered to choose the direction when faced with a situation. Have you ever thought about it this way? Have you given yourself permission to be more positive when faced with something? Have you thought about how to handle life differently in order to get different results? One of my favorite quotes is from Albert Einstein, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” My sweet husband reminds me of this from time to time when I fall into the trap of choosing different reactions to life’s curveballs.


This week, as we get closer to Thanksgiving and the tidal wave of the holiday season and all its overwhelm, step back and notice how you react to circumstances and get curious about how you could reframe and adjust your choice of reaction. I promise you that once you notice these habits, you’ll be interested in looking at ways to make changes in your choices one step at a time! Give it a try!


I’m working with so many clients who are making this habit change and they are seeing lasting results that decrease their stress and lead to impressive healthy lifestyle changes. I’d love to work with you one on one to guide you, too! Let’s get started sooner than later!


You’ve got this!



Georgette LePage Health & Life Coaching

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