Happy Tuesday! Today is an amazing day for me both personally and professionally! It’s the debut of my new talk radio show WHY WEIGHT? on Transformational Talk Radio with Dr. Pat Baccili. This will allow me to get my message out to millions of people so that your health journey can start today! This is a dream come true for me and has required a lot of hard work, determination, creativity, motivation, self belief, confidence, and tons of learning. My mentor, Dr. Pat Baccili, has been inspirational and has pushed me out of my comfort zone, for sure. I have learned so much in the last few months and have much more to continue to learn and grow from. Thanks to her incredible team, as well. 


I do hope you’ll watch and listen live by clicking the link below. You can also find this episode after the show in PODCASTS on my main page of this site. 




I hope I’ve inspired someone to step out of your comfort zone to dream big! Let me know what you think of the show!


You’ve got this!



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