Happy Tuesday! Jelly bean season is over, so what is your weight loss goal as summer is right around the corner? Do you want to feel better in your clothes? Do you want to look better in your clothes? Do you want to buy new clothes? Do you want to fit into old clothes? Do you want to see a healthier number on the scale that better matches your body? Whatever your goal is, step one towards progress is to set a goal. 


So, now ask yourself how badly you want to lose weight? Be honest with yourself, close your eyes, and think about how important this goal is to you. What does this feel like? Do you feel motivated and excited? Do you feel hopeful? Do you feel ready to do the work? Taking time to examine these thoughts will bring you clarity about the intensity of your commitment to your weight loss goal.


Next, why do you want to lose weight? A huge question to ask yourself! Do you have a special event coming up (a class reunion, a wedding, a work event, a graduation)? Do you want to improve your recent lab results from a doctor’s visit? Do you want to feel and look better in your clothes? Do you want to have more energy? Are you tired of being tired? Whatever the reason, identify your WHY! Make it important enough that you MUST take action NOW!


Once you decide how motivated you really are, it’s a good idea to create a clear plan that is reasonable and doable. You want to set yourself up for success, so make sure your timeline supports your efforts. This may mean taking careful thought to set your end goal and smaller goals along the way, which are just as important as the ultimate result. For example, is losing 20 pounds in a month reasonable or is losing 20 pounds in 6 months more realistic? Again, breaking down your desired result into smaller, manageable action steps and goals will lead to more results. You will also be able to keep up your motivation when you see small measurable wins along the way. Additionally, your motivation will stay high when you reach small successes along the way to your end goal. The same mindset can be used with exercise goals, other health goals, to name a few. How you do one thing is how you do everything. It’s a win-win in all aspects of your life!


This week, take some quiet time to look inward and to really decide how badly you want to lose weight. Then, find your why and get a plan written down so that you can get started immediately! There’s no time like the present! I’m rooting for you!


You’ve got this!


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