Happy Tuesday! First, I want to say thank you for reading my blog each week! I appreciate you and am excited to keep bringing you useful content each week! A recent conversation with a  client inspired today’s topic about the power of a timer. She is an incredibly smart, successful person in so many arenas and was trying to figure out how to work out in the morning each day. It was something that she was very motivated to restart in her morning routine at home with all of the equipment already at her fingertips. Her challenge was getting focused to do the work. Again, this is a very motivated person who is determined to become stronger by exercising. As she talked more about why she had yet to start her morning routine at this point, I listened for a few minutes as she tried to find the missing puzzle piece. It was so interesting to watch her navigate through the real reason why she has been putting this off.


Eventually, we agreed that she was not scheduling this into her daily routine as she does for all of her other important commitments each day such as meetings, appointments, and calls. Once she saw the reason why, she was ready to find a solution so that she could get into the habit of exercising in the morning. I simply asked her how she managed to get other important things done during the day and she eventually shared that her priorities were on her calendar in a specific time slot with a starting time and an ending time. My question to her was, “What would happen if you treated your exercise time like the other important events on your daily calendar?” 


LIGHT BULB moment! I call that an AHA moment with my clients! It made perfect sense to her. The next idea I offered was setting a timer when she exercises to preserve the time set aside for it without cutting it short. Hence, the power of the timer! She loved the idea and said it made perfect sense. It would keep her honest with the length of time she had allotted for this important activity and would keep her focused during that time. 


Actually, I use a timer all throughout the day. It provides me with time boundaries and fosters a sense of being more focused without interruptions. I do it for my writing, learning, content creating, and for rest times. In fact, I am more productive and attentive to one thing at a time this way and get more done. This week, I offer you the power of a timer so that you can see how your focus and results will be more intentional and will eliminate wasted time. Give it a try and let me know what you did specifically with a timer and how it worked for you! It’s a simple strategy that will make a huge difference to where you put your time!


You’ve got this!


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