Happy Tuesday! In life, we often tell ourselves that we should be happy 100% of the time and that weight loss should be easy. We tell ourselves that shedding pounds is easy for other people, so it should be for us, too. Let’s look at those thoughts for a second. First, life is 50/50; it’s not always sunshine and daisies…for everybody. I can feel like bad or hard things only happen to us when we are focused on our own life, but I assure you that every human on the planet has good days and bad days. That’s reality. When you compare and despair, it distorts that truth.


For example, you will have good days with your health and you will have hard days. The hard days prepare you for enjoying the good days that much more. When you open your thinking to knowing the 50/50 concept, you are ready to accept both kinds of experiences. Some days when you hop on the scale, the feedback will be good and some days it will be hard to take. I hesitate to always say good and bad, so I often will say easy and hard or positive and negative. You choose which words work for you to use! 


When you set realistic expectations for your weight loss based on the 50/50 concept, it is easier to navigate through each day of your weight loss journey. It allows you to shift to a growth mindset and to be ready to handle the “lifey” moments. I promise that we all have the ups and downs and that we all can often feel like they are out of balance. I have to catch myself many times when I start to tell myself “When it rains it pours.” or “Here we go again!” During the moments of overwhelm and stress when things pile up, mainly when things are hard, a new habit to create is reminding yourself that this is life and 50/50 is the name of the game. It can feel like you’re the only one struggling with your weight, but that is not true. You are not alone.


A good tip when you feel like life is more heavily in the not so positive category is to draw a circle, which I call your stress circle. In the circle, write down everything that is stressing you out. Then look at each item and cross off the ones that are really not so true or that hard. Look at what is left and pick a few things to tackle. It might mean cutting out sugar or walking daily or making a smaller to-do list, for example. Just seeing it on paper takes out the drama that we have created in our brain. It’s a powerful practice to use regularly! Give it a try to see how 50/50 can look a little different in your life!


You’ve got this!


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