Happy Tuesday! I adore sloths and love watching them move so slowly! There is something calming to watch them in action whether they are in animated form or real. Their motion is very slow, careful, and intentional. There is something so peaceful about how they go about their day one small, slow step at a time. They do not seem to worry, hurry, or care about much at all. Have you ever noticed how we women in particular do the opposite? We rush from place to place, task to task, and person to person. Just watch someone in action and observe the hurriedness of how they move about. It is exhausting to watch, so you can only imagine how it feels to operate at this pace.


When it comes to our emotional and physical health, it is such a great idea to slow down and take our time with everything. Here are some simple tips to slow down to improve your health TODAY! 


#1: Rewrite your daily to-do list to include 3-5 items to accomplish and be specific. Instead of saying “workout”, write down “walk for 30 minutes”.


#2: If you are a morning person, make the most of your time then with activities that require brain power and energy. For example, if you journal daily, decide when is the best time to be alert and focused to do it.


#3: Take breaks! 20-30 minutes is a good amount of time to fully concentrate on a task before needing a break. During your break (5-10 minutes works well), move/walk around, leave the room, drink some water, and head outside for fresh air and sunshine. It will refresh you and recharge your batteries for the next task.


#4:  Set the timer! When you take a break, set a timer so that you will honor your time and optimize your day. For example, if you need to take a power nap, set the timer for 20 minutes and honor that boundary. This puts boundaries around the importance of the break and protects your time!


#5: Less is more! This is one of the most liberating mindset shifts that I have made and I know it will help you! We all have the same 24 hours in a day, so use them well. Try to do fewer things each day in a more intentional way with focus and watch how much “free time” you actually have! For example, food shopping and meal planning one time a week is more efficient than running to the grocery store every day at the last minute when you are tired and hungry. You will set yourself up for success by being efficient.


My challenge to you this week is to pick one new way to slow down and to feel better about your pace of life and how you are spending your time. I am sure that you will find more time to do more of the things that you want to do instead of the things that you have to do. Start today with one small step!


You’ve got this!


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