Happy Tuesday! Have you chosen a health goal yet? If so, did you take one small step to get started? That’s all it takes! If not, what are you waiting for?


This week during a session with a client, I was reminding her to be her own cheerleader and to not wait for others to notice her progress and to compliment her. She kept saying how disappointing it is that no one compliments her weight loss and that no one has noticed. For her, she thought that no one noticed and no one cared because that is how she chose to see it. I asked her if she had considered that people are preoccupied with life and navigating through the pandemic and simply may not have taken time to look beyond their own lives, which has NOTHING to do with her at all. She paused and considered that was very possible. I also then asked her why people’s opinions of her mattered so much! WOW! What a thought! I always say that people’s opinions of you are none of your business. That is a game changer!


The bigger piece to her frustration was something that we dove into a little deeper. The more she talked and the more I listened, it was crystal clear to her that it’s got to be up to her to be her own cheerleader. She has that responsibility. She has the power to make that happen. People spend most of their lives looking for validation and acceptance by being complimented and praised. We all want to belong and to be loved, no matter what group we are in; that’s part of being human! So, how would it change your perspective if you cheered on yourself with love and pride? How would it feel if you didn’t waste time waiting for a compliment from someone other than yourself? How would it feel if you praised yourself first before others did? I want to offer this strategy this week to see how it reframes the way you expect acknowledgement from others. 


Does this sound familiar to you? Do you feel disappointed and defeated when you look great and no one notices? Do you expect others to compliment you? How do you feel when you think someone hasn’t noticed you? These are important questions as you start to see yourself as your most important cheerleader. After all, how you treat yourself is how others see you as wanting to be treated. What an AHA moment!


Cheer loudest and first for yourself and see what happens this week! You’re worth it!


You’ve got this!



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