Happy Tuesday! Today I’m sharing one of my favorite coaching strategies of all time: STAY IN YOUR LANE. I hear a common struggle from clients on a regular basis: I’m exhausted from everyone else’s “stuff”. Yes, it is so easy to feel pulled here and there from everyone else’s stress, concerns, and life. On a regular basis, clients confess their over involvement in everyone else’s life, whether it be by being in the know, FOMO (fear of missing out) or over concern. When it feels like this is a struggle, you are right; it is! Most of the time when you recognize that it’s sucking your energy, it’s the perfect time to do something about it. Like I always say, you can’t control what happens to you (=circumstance), but you CAN control how you react (=thoughts, feelings & actions).


For example, say that you’re trying to lose weight and have made up your mind to make some small but important changes to get to your goal (which is the best way to do it!). At work, you’re doing all of the things to get weight loss results BUT you notice that a few coworkers are losing weight faster than you (so you think) and you now feel left behind and less confident in your skills. This is a classic example of when to gently remind yourself to “STAY IN YOUR LANE”. It simply means to mind your own business and do what is best for you. By cutting out the brain chatter of not doing enough, not doing what everyone else is doing, and not going along with everyone else, your goals will be clearer and more specific. Therefore, you will keep your focus on yourself.


“STAY IN YOUR LANE” is a critical strategy for improving focus and concentration, respecting your goals and intentions, and saving energy for what is important to you: YOUR HEALTH. Just like driving a car in traffic, you need to stay in your lane to arrive at your destination safely. Picture yourself in your dream car with both hands on the wheel in 4 lanes of traffic going 70 miles per hour and realize how important it is to stay in your lane… literally! 


This week, try the “STAY IN YOUR LANE” strategy and let me know how it went in the comments. I’m pretty sure you’ll learn how to catch yourself and get back in your lane when overwhelm and stress come to visit your brain. As always, YOU are in the driver’s seat of your own life! Bon voyage!


You’ve got this!


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