Happy Tuesday! Ready or not, tomorrow is December 1st! The holidays are in full swing and how are you ready to be your best self? The condition of your environment plays a vital part in how you reach your goals, especially when it comes to your health. Clear the clutter is one of my favorite strategies to offer my clients as a first step toward a goal. It means simplifying your physical environment so that you can eliminate some stress and overwhelm which frees up energy for achieving your goals.


I suggest to my clients that they pick one spot in their home that overwhelms them on a regular basis as a starting point. A common area of the house is the kitchen, specifically the pantry. If your goal is to lose weight, it’s a good idea to get rid of foods that won’t serve you while you work hard to achieve this goal. It might be time to toss the junk food or to condense it to a much smaller space. You’ll feel relieved to throw away or give away unwanted items in order to set yourself up for success. It may mean adding new, more nutritious options to your pantry once items are neatly organized and easily accessible. We humans easily accumulate more than we need, which can feel overwhelming. It’s a good time to simplify your life by cleaning up your space.


Perhaps as you lose weight you  might have a love/hate relationship with your closet or your dresser. In that case, start with ONE spot and declutter it. It will actually inspire you to keep going once a space has been reorganized. Do you have a drawer in your house that you can hardly open? Is your car full of candy wrappers (although you can’t remember how they got there)? Look around your home and zero in on ONE space as a start. I promise that you will feel so good and light when you finish. In my closet, I have “the one in one out rule” to keep my space more organized. If I buy something new, something has to come out to be donated. Speaking of which, it’s always recommended to donate your unwanted items that are still in very good condition to those who are in need. That’s the easy part.


Does this sound like a fun way to set yourself up for less stress as you work on your health goals? Are you interested in starting with just one spot? Are you motivated to simplify your surroundings? I challenge you this week to get started! Let me know what you did and how that space feels now! You’ll be so happy with more brainpower left for more important things like improving your health! As I’ve said before, small steps lead to big changes! This is a fun way to give it a try! Careful–it can be contagious!


You’ve got this!


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