Happy Tuesday! What happens when you slip up and make some mistakes with your weight loss goals? Do you get back up and move forward or do you slide down the waterfall of despair and plunge into further slips? Do you reset or restart your efforts? How do you feel after you slide backwards a bit? These are great questions to digest!

Restarting means going all the way back to the beginning and returning to step one. This action very often includes a bit of a binge on the way there. For example, if you had been avoiding sweets and had done well for a week and then you lost all control and over ate and then said forget it! Why because you think that you’ve blown the whole goal so you might as well overeat! It actually feels very defeating and worse when the eating frenzy is over than it did when you first slipped.

Resetting is when you make a mistake and press the pause button to think it over, own the misstep, and make a plan to move forward right away. For example, if you had been avoiding sweets and had done well for a week and then you lost all control and over ate, you would pause and look at the situation. Figure out why it happened and how you feel about it. You then would make the choice to forgive yourself, love yourself, and move forward with your goal. The key word is FORGIVE yourself! 

We all make mistakes and it’s okay. Shifting your mindset to accepting your mistakes and moving forward can make all the difference in the world to achieving your goal. If you’re a perfectionist, as I once WAS, you tend to look at situations with an “all or none” perspective. I’d like to offer the possibility of how it feels to reset your actions and to love yourself as you move forward with your goals to get the results that you want.

There is a quote by Max Lucado that says, “There is a reason the windshield is bigger than the rear view mirror. Your future matters more than your past.” How does that sit with you? Are you willing to try it the next time you slip up? Just look forward!

As the holiday temptations and stress come at you like a tidal wave, I encourage you to choose how you react to your mistakes. Will you restart or reset? How kind will you be to yourself? How will it feel when you decide your course of action? I can’t wait to find out what you decide…after all, you are empowered to make your own decisions! 

You’ve got this!


(Not ready to try this on your own? Let me know and we’ll start to work together! I’d love to be your health & life coach! Contact me at glepage7@me.com)

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