Happy Tuesday! Here we are the week before Christmas! If you’ve been working on a weight loss goal at this hectic time of the year, good for you! How’s that going? If you’re hanging on tight just hoping not to pack on extra pounds, that’s an admirable plan. So, how are you doing? If you’ve already thrown in the towel and said, “WHY BOTHER?”,  how do you really feel about that? How is that goal serving you?

The good news is that there is not one way to do anything, so there is no right or wrong answer to these questions. YOU get to decide your goals and how important getting results is to you. YOU get to put actions into place that you want to do! YOU get to place any level of priority on your health goals. YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF YOU! 

That being said, I always tell clients that if they are ready to make some changes, they will be more successful by doing ONE new change at a time. Overwhelm and defeat set in when a goal is too big and is expected to be reached too fast. Ironically, I usually share this food analogy with my clients to help them to take small steps one at a time: We don’t eat a whole pan of brownies in one big gulp; we take small bites, one at a time. Why would you try to do everything all at once? Habits take time to form and they take time to reframe. 

Patience is the gift I invite you to give to yourself this week as you try to make some healthy changes to lose weight or to be a little healthier on the inside and out or to just “survive” the holidays with minimal to no weight gain. None of us just stood up and started running when we were toddlers, did we? Absolutely not! We wobbled, we fell down, we cried, we got back up and tried again hundreds of times. One day, we finally walked! And look at how well you are doing that today! 

Changing your health, especially during the holidays, requires patience, kindness to yourself, determination, perseverance, and the reality of doing one thing at a time! As you walk through this week, be aware of that one new thing that you are doing and be proud of your choice to make a change! Let me know what your one step is and how it went for you this week! I’ll be cheering you every step of the way!

You’ve got this!





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