Happy Tuesday! Do you have a secret wish? Do you have something in the back of your mind that you wish you had the courage to do but haven’t yet? Do you hold that wish in the back of your mind instead of finding the courage to actually do it? What is it?

I am SO proud of my sister, Aimée, who tried something new this past weekend, something that most of us would never even consider let alone do! She went skydiving! It took so much courage for her to do this and lots of willingness to take a risk! Why did she want to do it? Well, her big WHY was to enjoy each day to the fullest, which was an inspiration from her patients. You see, my sister is a nurse at the cancer center in our hometown and she experiences stress at work like many of us can’t even understand. She is remarkable, hard working, and well loved!

It took courage for her to even consider skydiving, courage to sign up, courage to suit up and board the plane, and SUPER BIG courage to jump out the door and experience such a moment of risk! Want to know the best part? One of her daughters did it with her! Look how she has passed on courage to her daughter!

Okay, so maybe you’re thinking about something small to step out of your comfort zone and do. Ask yourself what it is and what is holding you back? Are you ready to be brave and do it? I challenge you this week to pick one thing that you’ve been hoping to do but haven’t yet and JUST DO IT! Dig deep and find your courage! It might just inspire someone else to do the same; my sister sure did!

You’ve got this!



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