Happy Tuesday! Did you take a leap of faith and show any courage this past week? I hope you gave it a thought after reading last week’s blog! I’ve been thinking a lot lately about a mindset shift from avoiding doing hard things to convincing myself that I can do hard things. It’s fresh on my mind as I’ve recently stepped out of my exercise comfort zone and have jumped into a “bootcamp” of weight training and intense exercise. I was ready to kick up my exercise level and my biggest supporter on the planet, my husband, stepped up to design a program for me AND to be my personal trainer. Lord help him because I started this kicking and screaming although I agreed to do it! I must have told him that I can’t do this a million times during the first week of the training. Why do I think that I can’t do hard things? Why am I resisting something that is good for me? Good question!

Would you agree that resisting doing something hard might just be some fear surfacing? Or could it mean that you’re afraid that you actually might succeed? Wow! So many thoughts about what this could mean! A good strategy to flip the resistance would be to remind yourself that you have already done hard things by thinking of a specific example and tell yourself that this current “hard thing” is very possible. How you choose to think about something is in your power! It’s up to you to choose your thoughts! We don’t get to choose our circumstances, but we do get to choose how we react to them with our thoughts! 

How inspiring to realize that you have so much power within you to dig deep and to do hard things! You’re more resilient than you think, so embrace this empowerment and go face your fears and do something hard! I believe in you! Let me know what you do!

You’ve got this!



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