Happy Tuesday! As I sat at the memorial service for my dear friend’s dad this past weekend, I was deep in thought about what our life’s story is, especially as we leave our earthly life and leave our loved ones behind as they remember us. My friend’s dad was an amazing man, although I never had the pleasure to meet him. I did feel like I knew him by the time I left, though. All of the pictures at the service certainly painted a vivid picture of him, but it’s what the pastor DIDN’T say that was the most unique tribute I’ve ever heard! He read the words of my friend’s dad that he had written himself before he died. WOW!!!!! It struck me as one of the most powerful ways to comfort your family and friends and to have your own words spoken through someone else. Why don’t people do that more often for those left behind?

My coaching brain started racing and if I had had a notebook with me, which I did not, I would have filled several pages. I was thinking of how this can relate to people who are living their day to day lives. Ah ha! Would you be open to writing the story of your life as you live your everyday life? Why wouldn’t you want to tell your own story and live it out in real time to share with everyone? What version of your story do you choose to tell?


How empowering to write about your journey through life with the ups and downs and everything in between! Chances are that you will have so much to write about and YOU can decide what you say and how you say it! Talk about holding the power for your own life! I challenge you to write and tell your story while you are still here on Earth. You will be amazed at who you are and how you live your life!


Again, I am so sorry for my friend’s loss and at the same time so grateful for the lesson that at least one of us (but probably many more) received by listening to someone’s own words about his own story! What story are you telling? What story do you want to live and leave behind? A very good question to think about!


You’ve got this!


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