What do you actually do, Georgette? What a great question and a perfect place to start together so that we are all on the same page. Health & Life Coaching is NOT therapy or counseling! We do not diagnose or prescribe anything. This is important to know! It is when a coach listens to what you want for results, draws out valuable information by asking lots of questions (such as why), and then guides you with action steps and mindset goals, as well as accountability. The focus is on your future self, not your past mistakes. It’s the individualized attention of a coach that is the magic sauce! You have all of the answers to how to get what you want, so as your coach I then walk alongside you through your journey! It’s about accountability, partnership, and trust. I tell clients that I listen to all of the puzzle pieces that you give me and then I help you to fit together what you already know in order to get what you want. YOU HAVE ALL OF THE ANSWERS IN YOUR BRAIN! I’M HERE TO HELP YOU TO FIGURE IT OUT! 

Being accountable to someone one on one is critical to reaching your weight loss goals! Having an expert with a lifetime of experience giving you 100% of her time during your sessions is huge to moving that needle on the scale in the right direction. I listen with compassion, expertise, and first-hand experience to guide you and to cheer you on!  

These past 2 years have been very taxing and challenging to say the least, so it’s the perfect time to become my next client who will experience life-changing transformation! Are you ready to get started to make healthy changes? Get in touch with me right away!

You’ve got this!




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