Happy Tuesday! Jumpstarting your health journey can be overwhelming with where to start and what to do! So, today I’m offering you some simple swaps to get a few new habits started today! They are simple ways to add up to big changes! Which one is your favorite???


SWAP THIS: Soda    FOR THAT: water         

→ benefit: save 39 grams of sugar per 12 oz. of soda 


SWAP THIS: daily dessert   FOR THAT: one dessert on Saturdays       

→ benefit: reduction of sugar and fat intake and the anticipation of a special treat


SWAP THIS: eating out several times a week    FOR THAT: eating out once a week and cooking at home on the other days

→ benefits: save money, know exactly what you are eating, and avoid unwanted added salt and sugar


SWAP THIS: feeling tired   FOR THAT: go to bed early

→ benefit: sleep is critical and will improve your energy, brain, and body in several beneficial ways


SWAP THIS: overdosing on social media   FOR THAT: set a timer and limit how long you scroll on social media

→ benefit: better sleep, lowered anxiety, and more time to do more productive things


SWAP THIS: late night eating/snacking    FOR THAT: do not eat after dinner

→ benefit: your digestion process can kick in more efficiently when you are not intaking calories


SWAP THIS: wasting time   FOR THAT: make a schedule and place valuable events on your calendar and set a timer to manage your time

→ benefit: more time and more efficiency with completing tasks


SWAP THIS: watching television   FOR THAT: Walk outside or on your treadmill while listening to music or a podcast

→ benefit: movement is so important for your body


SWAP THIS: snacking during the day   FOR THAT: drink 8 oz. of water first and then decide if you are truly hungry

→ benefit: your body will get used to not eating between meals once you make it a habit


SWAP THIS: not moving your body at all   FOR THAT: do 1 thing to move your body for 20 minutes at a time

→ benefit: you will feel better and will be energized to do more


Give a few of these swaps a try and let me know how your new habits are going! 

You’ve got this!


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