Happy Tuesday! Ready for some shocking news????? The typical holidays beginning in the fall are only 4 days for most people: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. Yes, not everyone celebrates these 4 holidays, but in the USA, most people do. You can substitute your holidays for any of the ones I mentioned to make it more meaningful for you. The point is that between October and January 1st, there are usually only 4 twenty-four hour blocks of time that include holidays. So, what’s my point? 


The biggest thing to realize is that we tell our brains to go all out for the months of October, November, and December just because it’s the “holidays”. Pause and let that set in! 91 days of celebration which we’ve convinced ourselves should include lots of unhealthy eating just because we’re in the “holiday spirit”! WOW! Most of us get caught up in this mindset so easily. But why?


Why do we let anything yummy and sweet be eaten in excess for 3 months? Why do we get caught up in the “holiday season” this way? Good question! It’s a habit! I invite you to think about it differently this year and to take control of how you want to think about the holidays in a way that will support your weight loss. That’s right…weight loss during the holidays!


Recap last week’s blog:  STEP #1: WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT WEIGHT LOSS DURING THE HOLIDAYS? I challenged you to get curious about WHY you associate weight loss and the holidays in the way that you do and to write down all of your reasons and look at each one. How does this make you feel? What does weight loss during the holidays bring up for you?



Today, think about if you’d like to feel healthier during the holidays this year and are you ready to try something new? This means stepping outside of your comfort zone to get results. This might very well be the first time you’ve thought to try this, especially at this time of year. WHY NOT? I believe that you are worth it!


You have 2 choices: keep doing what you are doing and stay stuck with more weight on your body than it needs OR move forward with me to figure out how to get the weight loss that you want. I always say that nothing tastes as good as healthy feels! I live by that myself! I can help you learn how to shift your thinking so you can do the work to get there…during the holidays.


If you are ready to enjoy the holidays with your health as more of a focus, you’ve come to the right place and the time to start is NOW! I can help you ditch the belief that overindulging is something that you deserve. I can help you to reframe old habits of making dozens of cookies and eating more than you should to properly fuel your body. And most importantly, I can help you figure out why you self sabotage at this time of year. I listen to you, I offer strategies, and I guide you through the journey. Ready to join me?


Reach out to me so that we can start doing the work and you can get big results! My clients get it done and so can you! I think that you are worth it…don’t you?


You’ve got this!



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