Happy Tuesday! Tomorrow is the first day of Fall…officially! The Fall season to me feels so cozy, so comforting, and so welcomed to move into a new time of year. The colors and smells bring me back to happy childhood fall days with apples, pumpkins, and beautiful leaves! What does Fall mean to you? What are your thoughts about this season? What does it taste like to you?


That being said, like it or not, it also means that the hustle and bustle of the holidays are right around the corner. If you are considering losing weight BEFORE the holidays, you may be feeling a bit of panic about all of the extra sweets and treats that are coming your way. Do you feel like you will give in to all of the temptations or will you overindulge? Is that your pattern? Do you usually start losing weight only to quit when you give in to holiday food? How do YOU feel about this? Or are you panicked and fearful that you are setting yourself up for failure…again this year? Or are you excited and joyful because you know how to lose weight, even at the holidays? Are you hopeful that this time will be different?


STEP #1: WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT WEIGHT LOSS DURING THE HOLIDAYS? Write down your thoughts about this so that you can see what you are choosing to think. This will lead you to really face your thinking head on. Remember, YOU decide how you think. YOU decide what that means to you. YOU are in control! Did you ever realize that? There’s your power; you get to decide your thoughts. YOU write your own story. 


Next, get curious about WHY you associate weight loss and the holidays in the way that you do. Write down all of your reasons and look at each one. How does this make you feel? What does weight loss during the holidays bring up for you? Face your feelings and clear the brain clutter to make space for the next step. Eliminate the reasons that you know are not going to serve you if you want to shed weight in the next month or months ahead. This will give you clarity of your chosen pathway forward. The best part is that YOU have the power to decide for yourself.


So, spend this next week on step #1 so that next week we can talk about the next step: FACE YOUR FEELINGS→ Do you want to feel them or eat them? What is the cost of doing either? That’s going to make a big difference! I can’t wait to walk you through that next step next Tuesday!


In the meantime, please reach out to me if you are interested in working together one on one BEFORE holiday stress and temptations come your way. You’ll be amazed how this is actually the BEST time of year to make healthy weight changes! TRUST ME! That’s how I have learned to be my own holiday weight loss boss! Think it over! I’m ready to get started with you!


You’ve got this,


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