Happy Tuesday! Summer is a yummy time to try more seasonal fruits and vegetables and to mix up your meals! Use some fun summer-themed plates and napkins to get into the summer vibe with your food! Here are 5 tips to shed a few pounds during the summer by making a few small adjustments!


#1:  Swap cookies and cake for fresh fruit such as sliced watermelon, a bowl of strawberries or a dish of melon. Buy and try seasonal fruits and enjoy their flavors and natural sugars.


#2:  Swap soda for ice cold water with slices of lemons, limes or oranges floating on top. Not only will you avoid empty calories, but you’ll also quench your thirst and will stay hydrated.


#3: Swap heavier dishes for a big, colorful salad topped with healthy protein such as chicken, black beans or chickpeas. You’ll be able to enjoy a huge portion that leaves you feeling light and not bloated.


#4: Swap chips and crackers for crisp, cut veggies! You can eat as many as you’d like and they are so good for your body! Eat the rainbow by having a variety of colors in your veggies! Eat them before you eat the rest of your meal and your tummy will thank you!


#5: Swap getting take out for grilling out in your own backyard! This will save you time, money, and unwanted calories plus it allows you to get outdoors. Why not even eat on the deck, porch or patio afterwards?


So, rewrite your grocery list for the week by adding some summer swaps into your meals! You’ll feel better and drop a few pounds along the way! Bon Appétit!


You’ve got this!