Happy Tuesday! One thing that we all have in common is that we all have a birthday! There is one day a year when you are celebrated for being born and for being here on this planet. In fact, today is my birthday! I feel fortunate to be healthy and to be having another birthday, for sure. To me, a birthday is a happy occasion and is a day when you can feel special. As you get older, each birthday is more precious. I myself have an abundance of gratitude for being here today!


How do you celebrate your birthday? Do you get calls and cards from friends and family? Do you get some gifts? Do you eat something special on your birthday: your favorite meal, treat or cake? What do you do?


If you’re making progress on your weight loss journey, sometimes birthdays can be tricky. For example, how do you handle eating off your healthy food plan? Do you stick to your plan or make some exceptions? Do you eat a sweet treat or swap it for some fruit? Do you go out to eat a birthday dinner or do you cook a healthy meal at home? Do you celebrate for one day or the whole week? Good news…there is no “wrong” answer. You have the power to choose what works for you! That’s the beauty of living a healthy lifestyle; it is tailored to YOU! You have all the choice in your decisions! Now that is sure refreshing to know!


So, as you celebrate your birthday this year, how do you want it to be? How are you going to celebrate? It’s completely up to you! Happy birthday to you this year! Enjoy your special day!


You’ve got this!



(PS… The yummy chocolate cake in the picture above is my favorite birthday treat from my mom! It’s one of the only times of the year that I enjoy every bite of this incredible treat (if I’m back home celebrating with my parents)! I plan for it, enjoy it, and move on! )

Happy Tuesday! Thanks for reading my blog today! I appreciate you spending a few minutes of your time here. I’m asking a very big question today: “WHAT IF?” As humans, we tend to give up right before something big is about to happen. Have you ever noticed this? Have you ever done this? I know I have! Are we impatient, scared or unmotivated? Are we all of the above? Why?

A perfect example of this is one of my clients who was struggling with the number on the scale not budging after so much hard work. She was sure that the number did not match her perceived weight loss. She wanted to quit trying to lose weight all together and was very discouraged. In her mind, her effort did not reflect the current result. Why should she keep working so hard if she wasn’t losing weight? Fair question!

I asked her to think about “what if” she was so close to her body releasing weight but she quit before seeing results. What if she would miss out on success due to being impatient and discouraged? Was it worth stopping? Once we spent time talking further, she decided that it was worth some patience and belief in herself and she decided to keep working at it. The very next week, she dropped a handful of pounds and was thrilled! What if she had quit? She would have missed out!

“What if” can be applied to our health and life in so many ways! Does it make you curious about staying motivated and determined to patiently wait for hard work to pay off? What is your most recent “What if” moment? Did you give up early or did you stick it out to see results? I invite you to notice this mindset this week and try to talk yourself into staying the course with a goal a little longer. Chances are you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Please refer this blog to a friend so that more people can join us in these weekly habit change ideas!

You’ve got this!


Happy Tuesday! Happy Birthday to my blog! One year ago, I posted my first blog! I can’t believe that I have since written 52 blogs consistently every Tuesday! I am so proud of that accomplishment and appreciate the positive feedback that I have gotten about my content and style of writing! I promise to keep sharing valuable content that will help you move to a healthier lifestyle! So, today I am resharing my very first post in celebration! Cheers!



Welcome to my blog!  I call it “Turn the Page to a Better You.” Thanks for your interest in checking out who I am and what I offer as a pathway to a less stressed, healthier, and more joyful lifestyle. While the focus is on weight loss and healthy lifestyle (inside and out), you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the amazing transformations that happen in all areas of your life, as a result. As Brandon Nankivell said,”How you do one thing, is how you do everything.” Everyone in your life will benefit from your improved self care!

As we journey together, I will ask you questions that will have you asking yourself, “WHY?” so that you can start to think about ways to improve your overall health. Who doesn’t want to feel calmer and more in control of how you think? I’ll offer sayings, quotes, relevant health tips, topics that will make you stop and think, and so much more! I can’t wait to get to know each other and to help you grow into a healthier version of yourself! I want to write about what interests you and what you care about!

I’m so excited to grow my business by serving others and by making this world a little brighter… one habit change at a time!

You’ve got this! 


CONTACT ME @ glepage7@me.com to set up a free 30-minute discovery call to see if we are the right fit to work together! You are worth it!



Happy Tuesday! Summer is a yummy time to try more seasonal fruits and vegetables and to mix up your meals! Use some fun summer-themed plates and napkins to get into the summer vibe with your food! Here are 5 tips to shed a few pounds during the summer by making a few small adjustments!


#1:  Swap cookies and cake for fresh fruit such as sliced watermelon, a bowl of strawberries or a dish of melon. Buy and try seasonal fruits and enjoy their flavors and natural sugars.


#2:  Swap soda for ice cold water with slices of lemons, limes or oranges floating on top. Not only will you avoid empty calories, but you’ll also quench your thirst and will stay hydrated.


#3: Swap heavier dishes for a big, colorful salad topped with healthy protein such as chicken, black beans or chickpeas. You’ll be able to enjoy a huge portion that leaves you feeling light and not bloated.


#4: Swap chips and crackers for crisp, cut veggies! You can eat as many as you’d like and they are so good for your body! Eat the rainbow by having a variety of colors in your veggies! Eat them before you eat the rest of your meal and your tummy will thank you!


#5: Swap getting take out for grilling out in your own backyard! This will save you time, money, and unwanted calories plus it allows you to get outdoors. Why not even eat on the deck, porch or patio afterwards?


So, rewrite your grocery list for the week by adding some summer swaps into your meals! You’ll feel better and drop a few pounds along the way! Bon Appétit!


You’ve got this!