Happy Tuesday! Jumpstarting your health journey can be overwhelming with where to start and what to do! So, today I’m offering you some simple swaps to get a few new habits started today! They are simple ways to add up to big changes! Which one is your favorite???


SWAP THIS: Soda    FOR THAT: water         

→ benefit: save 39 grams of sugar per 12 oz. of soda 


SWAP THIS: daily dessert   FOR THAT: one dessert on Saturdays       

→ benefit: reduction of sugar and fat intake and the anticipation of a special treat


SWAP THIS: eating out several times a week    FOR THAT: eating out once a week and cooking at home on the other days

→ benefits: save money, know exactly what you are eating, and avoid unwanted added salt and sugar


SWAP THIS: feeling tired   FOR THAT: go to bed early

→ benefit: sleep is critical and will improve your energy, brain, and body in several beneficial ways


SWAP THIS: overdosing on social media   FOR THAT: set a timer and limit how long you scroll on social media

→ benefit: better sleep, lowered anxiety, and more time to do more productive things


SWAP THIS: late night eating/snacking    FOR THAT: do not eat after dinner

→ benefit: your digestion process can kick in more efficiently when you are not intaking calories


SWAP THIS: wasting time   FOR THAT: make a schedule and place valuable events on your calendar and set a timer to manage your time

→ benefit: more time and more efficiency with completing tasks


SWAP THIS: watching television   FOR THAT: Walk outside or on your treadmill while listening to music or a podcast

→ benefit: movement is so important for your body


SWAP THIS: snacking during the day   FOR THAT: drink 8 oz. of water first and then decide if you are truly hungry

→ benefit: your body will get used to not eating between meals once you make it a habit


SWAP THIS: not moving your body at all   FOR THAT: do 1 thing to move your body for 20 minutes at a time

→ benefit: you will feel better and will be energized to do more


Give a few of these swaps a try and let me know how your new habits are going! 

You’ve got this!




What do you actually do, Georgette? What a great question and a perfect place to start together so that we are all on the same page. Health & Life Coaching is NOT therapy or counseling! We do not diagnose or prescribe anything. This is important to know! It is when a coach listens to what you want for results, draws out valuable information by asking lots of questions (such as why), and then guides you with action steps and mindset goals, as well as accountability. The focus is on your future self, not your past mistakes. It’s the individualized attention of a coach that is the magic sauce! You have all of the answers to how to get what you want, so as your coach I then walk alongside you through your journey! It’s about accountability, partnership, and trust. I tell clients that I listen to all of the puzzle pieces that you give me and then I help you to fit together what you already know in order to get what you want. YOU HAVE ALL OF THE ANSWERS IN YOUR BRAIN! I’M HERE TO HELP YOU TO FIGURE IT OUT! 

Being accountable to someone one on one is critical to reaching your weight loss goals! Having an expert with a lifetime of experience giving you 100% of her time during your sessions is huge to moving that needle on the scale in the right direction. I listen with compassion, expertise, and first-hand experience to guide you and to cheer you on!  

These past 2 years have been very taxing and challenging to say the least, so it’s the perfect time to become my next client who will experience life-changing transformation! Are you ready to get started to make healthy changes? Get in touch with me right away!

You’ve got this!





Happy Tuesday! We all know someone who says she’s sorry all of the time, don’t we? What type of vibe does that put out to others? Most likely, it says that this person is unsure of herself and lacks confidence. It seems as if she lets people run all over her like a doormat, right? It almost becomes overused, so others don’t take it as a genuine “sorry” after a while. Does this sound like someone you know or does it sound like you?


Being over apologetic can actually stand in your way of weight loss. It can act as an obstacle between you and your weight loss goals. It also chips away at your self confidence by repeatedly telling yourself that you are sorry so often that you diminish your own empowerment. For example, a client of mine is always apologizing to her family for trying to eat healthier food to the point where her daughter actually told her to stop saying she was sorry for the healthy habits that she was adopting because there was no reason for her to apologize. My client hadn’t even realized what she was doing. She flipped her habit of saying sorry and started to say, “Thanks for supporting me when I eat this way.” instead. She felt more confident and her family was relieved to not keep hearing her broken record chatter. It was a win-win.


In our tennis group, we are all guilty of tossing around the word sorry far too often. Yes, it is a habit, and yes, you can change it. We are a work in progress as a group and are more aware of how many times we apologize. I’ve joked in the group that “ I’m sorry” needs to be saved if your ball hits someone (especially in the face) and “oops” is a better option for the other mistake moments. It feels so much better inside and keeps your self confidence in tact. We are still working on this!


Someone who apologizes ad nauseam often fears conflict and  offending others. Also, it points right to the fear of what others think. My clients know that one of my favorite quotes is, “WHAT PEOPLE THINK OF YOU IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.” by Jack Canfield. There are many versions of this quote, but the idea is the same! It connects well to not saying you’re sorry for every little thing. Save “I’m sorry” for the right moment; its meaning will have a greater impact that way, too.  


This week, I’d like to offer for you to pay close attention to how many times you say you are sorry, how you feel when you say it, and how people around you react. Do you overuse those words? How is it blocking your weight loss goals? Chances are you will feel more empowered and confident about your weight loss by cutting back on how many times you over apologize to people. Save it for the right moment…like when you (accidentally) hit your friend in the face with a tennis ball–just saying! Tearing down weight loss obstacles one at a time is a huge step to reaching your goal. Give it a try and let me know how it changes your perspective!


You’ve got this!




Happy Tuesday! The world has always been full of turmoil since the beginning of time, but it sure feels even more out of whack right now. Real people are going through real tough times filled with uncertainty, stress, and fear. That being said, your health has never been more important than it is right now. As the world enters “recovery mode” from the pandemic, it’s the optimal time to ask yourself why you want to be healthier so that your path to success can be clearer with more intention and focus.


So, did you get an alarming diagnosis from your doctor recently? Did you see the number on your scale go up? Did you get lab results that were disturbing? Did you notice that your clothes feel tight lately? Do you feel exhausted and zapped of energy? Basically, knowing why you want to be healthier leads you to a clearer goal. Being specific with goal setting brings better results.


When you know the purpose of your goal, it is easier to set your action steps in a reasonable way so that you keep your eyes on the prize through a realistic lens. For example, if your lab results indicated that you are overweight, a good goal would be to shed enough weight to put you into the “normal” weight range. Your purpose would be to reach a weight that is healthier for your body. Then, you can set a reasonable amount of weight to lose in a reasonable amount of time. This is where the guidance of a health coach comes in handy and gives you accountability! I love helping people get the results that they want!


Whatever your purpose is for improving your health, do it with intention and get started sooner than later by doing one small step at a time. This will help you to avoid overwhelming yourself with too much too fast. I challenge you to give it a try this week! If you need encouragement, reach out to me and we can get started on our journey together! It always helps to have someone encouraging you along the way! That’s what I do and I love it!


You’ve got this!



Happy Tuesday! In today’s blog, I am providing you with some statistics and then I am tossing some questions to you! I was inspired to do so by today’s episode of my talk radio show WHY WEIGHT? that airs live at 2PM ET! It really caused me to look at the reality of where we are as humans with our mental and physical health. I hope that you will be curious about learning more!



According to an article from Boston University School of Public Health, “Depression among adults in the United States tripled in the early 2020 months of the global coronavirus pandemic—jumping from 8.5 percent before the pandemic to a staggering 27.8 percent. New research from Boston University School of Public Health reveals that the elevated rate of depression has persisted into 2021, and even worsened, climbing to 32.8 percent and affecting 1 in every 3 American adults” (McCoy).  


QUESTION #1:  Do you feel depressed? Do you feel exhausted mentally from two years of living through the pandemic? Do you feel down or blue? Do you lack motivation?

QUESTION #2: What are you doing about it? What is ONE small step you can take to feel better?



The average person gained 29 pounds during the pandemic. The average person who was previously overweight gained 50 pounds during this time.


QUESTION #1: Did you gain weight during COVID? If so, how much? How does your body feel with that extra weight?


QUESTION #2: What did you do specifically that resulted in weight gain…be honest? What is ONE small step you can take to lose weight starting TODAY?



People experienced difficulty sleeping, including nightmares and interrupted sleep.


QUESTION #1: Have you noticed an interruption or change in your sleep patterns over the last two years? What are they specifically? How is that affecting you mentally and physically?


QUESTION #2: Are you getting the recommended amount of sleep for your age?





I hope these 3 facts help you to be more aware of some trends over the last two years so that you can be proactive with your health to take small steps to move forward to a better mental and physical version of yourself. I’d love to work with you one on one to coach you to better health, so contact me (glepage7@me.com)  to set up a free discovery session so that we can get started! You are worth the work!


You’ve got this!









McCoy, Jillian. “Depression Rates in US Tripled When the Pandemic First Hit—Now, They’re Even Worse.” Boston University, 7 October 2021.