Happy Tuesday! Happy Thanksgiving in a few days! The holidays are under way for sure! Given what the world has been through over the last two years, there is still so much out of balance and so many feelings of uncertainty and confusion. It feels like we should be able to ask “Are we there yet?” and get the response, “YES!” Unfortunately, we’re all still navigating through so many challenges in addition to managing daily life. Overwhelm has become an everyday feeling for so many of us. Does this resonate with you? Are you still treading water? Are you still readjusting to “normal “ life? How does that feel? Would you like to trade that feeling for a more uplifting one?


Once again, this is where choice comes into play. We can allow ourselves to feel all doom and gloom and helpless or we can look at our lives through the lens of gratitude. Which one sounds more productive? I’m not at all suggesting that we ignore real life and its struggles, don’t get me wrong. What I am offering is a double dose of gratitude each day we wake up and live another day. What would happen if one of our first thoughts of the day would be gratitude for all that we have and for all that we don’t have? How would you feel to set your intention each morning by being thankful for the people in your circle? How would you feel if you looked in the mirror and smiled back at yourself being thankful for your life? 


This week, I’d like to offer you the possibility of stepping back from the noise and chatter, taking a pause, and thinking about the ways that you are grateful for so many things, and then…saying them out loud! Go ahead and say it! I promise that it will feel so much better than keeping them silent! Careful…it is contagious and will feel so refreshing!


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You’ve got this!



Georgette LePage Health & Life Coaching