Happy Tuesday! We all know that moving your body is super important to your health, but did you realize how sedentary Americans are? In fact, 25% of Americans are considered inactive and do not move their bodies on a daily basis. YIKES! That directly contributes to obesity, diabetes, low energy, fatigue, depression, early aging, and multiple other health conditions. Isn’t that enough to get you off the couch and out the door for a brisk walk? If you are not yet a person who is active and moves your body, today’s blog is for you! 


So, where do you start? Just to be clear, not everyone wants to train for a marathon or hike Mount Everest, and that’s perfectly fine. Let’s acknowledge that we are all at different starting points and ability levels. Exercise is essentially body movement with intention. It means different things to different people, so define up front what it means to you and declare that as your way of moving your body. First, figure out what you do like to do to be active: Do you like walking? Does swimming interest you? Does jogging sound fun? Do you enjoy lifting weights? Does riding your bike refresh you? Whatever you enjoy, just start doing it TODAY! Don’t wait for perfect weather or tons of time or someone else to join you! It’s your responsibility to make the first step forward alone or with a buddy. Chances are that if you wait for someone else to initiate a time to exercise with you, you won’t get it done. 


It can start with parking your car further away in the parking lot at the grocery store or walking upstairs multiple times a day or doing yard work, for example. It can also mean signing up for a 5K race and plotting the training days and details on your calendar ahead of time. Another example is to walk your dog regularly or put your small child in a stroller and walk around the neighborhood. If weather gets in your way, walk indoors at the local mall, dust off your treadmill and hop on for a stroll or walk around your workplace during breaks and lunch. Do what works for you, do what lights you up and what it takes to move your body!

Treat your exercise like a paid appointment: put it on the calendar, show up on time, do the work, and check it off your list as you bask in the feeling of accomplishment and the release of endorphins. If you had a dentist appointment scheduled, you’d most likely show up on time, so why is your health any different? Aren’t you worth feeling better and living a more active lifestyle? I know that you are, so take my challenge to do something to improve your mood, energy level, stress level, and health while very possibly shedding a few pounds along the way. It’s a win win for you! Happy moving!


You’ve got this,