Happy Tuesday! This week, I want to ask you a very thoughtful question: Where do you get your energy? This is key to changing habits by first looking at where you are right now. In other words, what fuels your energy, your passion, your motivation, and your creativity? Where are you currently finding these important parts of your life? These are different areas of your life and yet they are interconnected by where your focus is. What are you spending time doing? What are you reading? What podcasts and music are you listening to? How are you getting exercise? 


For example, if you are feeling low on energy, you may discover what is the source of this drain by looking at where you are putting your energy. You might realize that you are reading books that keep you up at night, therefore leading to you feeling tired. Perhaps you are not getting any exercise and it’s making you feel run down and fatigued. You might even be listening to podcasts that are not up lifting. Whatever the case, do you want to find a new energy surge in your life? Here are a few quick ideas:


  1. Make a list of how you spend your time each day and rate those activities on a scale of 1-10, one being “not much at all” and ten being “all the time”.
  2. Look at your list and scratch off ONE thing that drains your energy so much that it is not worth it.
  3. Eliminate that item for ONE WEEK entirely.
  4. One week later, ask yourself how your energy is since you eliminated that item and is it work eliminating for good. 
  5. Make that adjustment.


If you’re unsure about which positive podcast to listen to or what uplifting book you could read, do a Google search and start the hunt for new energy sources. There are thousands of options waiting for you, if not more. You can even ask a friend or family member what they are listening to or reading to get some ideas, too.


This week, take this energy drain challenge and see how one small step can lead you to more energy and more positive thinking by getting started with ONE thing. You’ll quickly notice how effective the power of one can be. Let me know what you find out! I bet you’ll be surprised with good, uplifting vibes that are waiting for you to discover!


You’ve got this!



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