Happy Tuesday! One of my favorite coaching strategies is THE POWER OF YET. I use it with clients quite often to help them flip the negative thought of “I can’t”. When clients say, “I can’t.”, it can come across as defeating and discouraging toward their goals. It implies a sense of giving up before you even attempt to do something. It can really hold you back from achieving greatness. The good news is that you are in complete control of what you think and how you feel! You are in charge of your own thoughts!


Do you ever notice that you blurt out “I can’t” before you even have a chance to think about doing something, especially when it might seem hard or like something that you’ve never done before? Probably so! It’s okay to admit that because most of us do!


Here are the most common “I can’t” statements that I hear with a new, positive flipped thought:

I can’t lose weight. → I haven’t lost the weight that I want to yet.

I can’t figure this out. → I haven’t figured this out yet.

I can’t do this! → I just can’t do this yet. 

I can’t understand why I’m getting in my own way. → I just haven’t understood why yet.


These flipped statements are all about shifting your mindset and leaving the door open for endless possibilities to reach your goals. They could often be followed with AND (not but) plus a positive action step. Try flipping your own “I can’t” sentences the next time one creeps into your thoughts and listen to how empowering it is to be more hopeful without even considering giving up on your goals! It’s amazing and you are fully empowered to flip your thoughts!


You’ve got this!


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