Happy Tuesday! Did you ever notice how good you feel about yourself when you’ve nailed the perfect outfit? It’s hard to deny the feeling of looking good in what you wear! It just feels empowering! When was the last time that you reflected on your style? Do you know what your style is? Are you satisfied with the clothes that you wear and how you look in them? At times, we tend to ignore updating our look and our clothes out of habit. Have you ever considered examining what you wear and how you wear it? It’s worth a peek into your closet to see where you are with your style! It’s one thing to feel comfortable in your clothes and another to actually look good in them. Here are 5 simple steps to ignite your inner fashionista! 



Are you 100% casual and live in workout clothes? Are you a jeans only girl? Are you trendy and follow all of the fashion fads? Think about the type of clothes you feel most comfortable in and the ones that fit you best and take a look at what you already have. Weed through the items to determine what needs to be kept, donated, or tossed in the garbage. Hold up each piece and ask yourself what vibe this puts out and how you feel wearing it. You’ll know what to do with it after this little test.



Do you care about wearing the latest look or do you have your own style and are happy with it? This will help you to decide the intensity that you need to apply during this sifting in the closet. If you’re more on the trendy side, follow expert stylists who you trust. You can also ask a friend who will be brutally honest with you about your clothes. Careful when you are shopping, though, as most salespeople assisting you in the dressing room when you are trying on clothes are there to make a sale, so their feedback may be biased. I do return to a particular store intentionally because I know they are very honest about how what I try on fits. Surprisingly, they offer me advice not to make me feel good about myself but to sell me the clothes that fit me better. My favorite stylists on YouTube are Kay Harms and Marnie Goldberg. Check them out if you need a starting point! 




Would you like to have fewer clothes that are of higher quality or more pieces that are of lesser quality? There’s no right or wrong answer, so decide if less is more or more is best! Plan your budget accordingly. Many minimalists spend a lot of money on a few mix and match items and look fabulous. To me, it’s the difference between a handful of gourmet jelly beans and a big bag of cheap no name jelly beans. Quality wins every time! Plus, it cuts down on the overwhelm of having too much in your closet and the feeling of being stressed!



Tour your closet and notice what hangs out there right now. Does it feel like a beautiful boutique or a hot mess of disheveled clothes? Assess if it’s time to toss older items and replace them with new ones. You could do others a real favor by donating usable clothes in respectable condition, so don’t hesitate to pass on any items that no longer serve you. Also, it’s the perfect time to organize your closet and drawers to see what you actually have and need. Most of the time, less is more! The rule of thumb is that if you haven’t worn something in a year, it’s time to get rid of it! I have the one in, one out rule: when I buy something new, something in my closet has to go; it’s time to donate or throw it away!



Sometimes an “old” outfit simply needs some accessories to give it a refresh! Dress up a top or down play a dress with the right choice of jewelry, scarves, shoes or purses. Sometimes you just need a little something to complete your look! Have fun with dressing up your outfit to give it that final touch!


Have some fun and revamp your wardrobe to match your current mood, style, and interests. Act your age or not, but dress your body for success with a little thought and intention so that you can love the clothes you live in! Your confidence will soar when you look your best and it gives you incentive to keep working on your weight loss goals! 


You’ve got this!