Happy Tuesday! My mom and I always laugh when we go shopping together because trying on clothes can be very comical! When we try on clothes that look great on the rack, we often have very negative reactions when we put them on our bodies! We might say that we’re big, fat, old looking, or frumpy. Does this sound familiar? We might look in the mirror and not like what we see. It’s easy to insult ourselves and feel discouraged. I say this because I have done it myself and it feels terrible. Let me offer some reframing so that your next dressing room experience can be more positive!

Instead of saying: I LOOK FAT IN THIS! Flip it to: THIS JUST DOESN’T SUIT MY BODY.








So the next time that you are trying on clothes, be kind to yourself with what you think and tell yourself. Be positive and optimistic that your hard world to lose weight will pay off! Flip dressing room drama into a more pleasant experience!

You’ve got this!



Happy Tuesday! I adore sloths and love watching them move so slowly! There is something calming to watch them in action whether they are in animated form or real. Their motion is very slow, careful, and intentional. There is something so peaceful about how they go about their day one small, slow step at a time. They do not seem to worry, hurry, or care about much at all. Have you ever noticed how we women in particular do the opposite? We rush from place to place, task to task, and person to person. Just watch someone in action and observe the hurriedness of how they move about. It is exhausting to watch, so you can only imagine how it feels to operate at this pace.


When it comes to our emotional and physical health, it is such a great idea to slow down and take our time with everything. Here are some simple tips to slow down to improve your health TODAY! 


#1: Rewrite your daily to-do list to include 3-5 items to accomplish and be specific. Instead of saying “workout”, write down “walk for 30 minutes”.


#2: If you are a morning person, make the most of your time then with activities that require brain power and energy. For example, if you journal daily, decide when is the best time to be alert and focused to do it.


#3: Take breaks! 20-30 minutes is a good amount of time to fully concentrate on a task before needing a break. During your break (5-10 minutes works well), move/walk around, leave the room, drink some water, and head outside for fresh air and sunshine. It will refresh you and recharge your batteries for the next task.


#4:  Set the timer! When you take a break, set a timer so that you will honor your time and optimize your day. For example, if you need to take a power nap, set the timer for 20 minutes and honor that boundary. This puts boundaries around the importance of the break and protects your time!


#5: Less is more! This is one of the most liberating mindset shifts that I have made and I know it will help you! We all have the same 24 hours in a day, so use them well. Try to do fewer things each day in a more intentional way with focus and watch how much “free time” you actually have! For example, food shopping and meal planning one time a week is more efficient than running to the grocery store every day at the last minute when you are tired and hungry. You will set yourself up for success by being efficient.


My challenge to you this week is to pick one new way to slow down and to feel better about your pace of life and how you are spending your time. I am sure that you will find more time to do more of the things that you want to do instead of the things that you have to do. Start today with one small step!


You’ve got this!



Happy Tuesday! In life, we often tell ourselves that we should be happy 100% of the time and that weight loss should be easy. We tell ourselves that shedding pounds is easy for other people, so it should be for us, too. Let’s look at those thoughts for a second. First, life is 50/50; it’s not always sunshine and daisies…for everybody. I can feel like bad or hard things only happen to us when we are focused on our own life, but I assure you that every human on the planet has good days and bad days. That’s reality. When you compare and despair, it distorts that truth.


For example, you will have good days with your health and you will have hard days. The hard days prepare you for enjoying the good days that much more. When you open your thinking to knowing the 50/50 concept, you are ready to accept both kinds of experiences. Some days when you hop on the scale, the feedback will be good and some days it will be hard to take. I hesitate to always say good and bad, so I often will say easy and hard or positive and negative. You choose which words work for you to use! 


When you set realistic expectations for your weight loss based on the 50/50 concept, it is easier to navigate through each day of your weight loss journey. It allows you to shift to a growth mindset and to be ready to handle the “lifey” moments. I promise that we all have the ups and downs and that we all can often feel like they are out of balance. I have to catch myself many times when I start to tell myself “When it rains it pours.” or “Here we go again!” During the moments of overwhelm and stress when things pile up, mainly when things are hard, a new habit to create is reminding yourself that this is life and 50/50 is the name of the game. It can feel like you’re the only one struggling with your weight, but that is not true. You are not alone.


A good tip when you feel like life is more heavily in the not so positive category is to draw a circle, which I call your stress circle. In the circle, write down everything that is stressing you out. Then look at each item and cross off the ones that are really not so true or that hard. Look at what is left and pick a few things to tackle. It might mean cutting out sugar or walking daily or making a smaller to-do list, for example. Just seeing it on paper takes out the drama that we have created in our brain. It’s a powerful practice to use regularly! Give it a try to see how 50/50 can look a little different in your life!


You’ve got this!



Happy Tuesday! Are you a people pleaser? Do you ever say YES to something you really don’t want to do or can’t do? Do you say yes and then regret it? Today I’m offering you how to say NO THANK YOU without regret or worry.


When you say yes all the time, are you chipping away at valuable time that could be spent on other things, such as working out or making healthy meals? How does saying yes affect you? If you think about it and realize that saying yes is crowding your schedule and preventing you from achieving your health goals, it’s time to learn the art of saying “no thank you”.


First, saying no thank you to something that you really don’t want to do or can’t do allows you to say yes to other things that serve you and that bring you closer to your health goals. You are in charge of what you do and how you spend your time. Overscheduling yourself can lead to exhaustion, overwhelm, and resentment. It can also mean that you are pushed to the bottom of your priority list, which does not support weight loss and exercise.


We all find time for what is important, so before you say yes to someone, ask yourself a few things:


  1. Do I really want to do this?
  2. Do I want to spend time and energy on this?
  3. Do I have time for this?
  4. Does this keep me at the top of my priority list?
  5. Does this move me closer to my health goals?
  6. What would I have to give up or shift to do this?
  7. On a scale of 1-10 (1 being the lowest, 10 being the highest), how important is this to me?


Once you decide to say yes, promise yourself to do it cheerfully without regret and resentment. That’s how you’ll know that it was the right decision! If you say no thank you, do not apologize or justify it. Chances are, no one will even challenge you on it. If they do, simply say, it’s not something that serves me or that I am going to do right now. You do not owe reasons, so hang on to your power and live with your decision. You’ll notice right away that you now have time to spend getting your health results and keeping control of your decisions and time! What a powerful habit change!


You’ve got this!


Stepping on a scale can be compared to buying a bathing suit for most women: It can be terrifying to say the least. There are thoughts and feelings deeply attached to this ritual, and I used to give the scale, a piece of metal that shows you a number of how much your body mass weighs, all of my power. Stepping on the scale and seeing a number of how much I weighed used to be a stressful experience for me personally, which is why I want to share these tips with you today so that perhaps your weigh-in experience could be healthier for you than it was for me in the past. 


You see, every month I would weigh in on Saturday morning and THAT would decide how the rest of my day (and my family’s) would play out. It was the “tale of two scale results” and it dragged me down every time, especially when the number wasn’t what I had hoped it would be. If the number was one that I liked, I felt happy, proud, and in a good mood. I wrote it down in a notebook and compared it to last month’s statistics. I judged myself solely based on that number and it set the tone for the whole day and sometimes the whole weekend. Also, if it was a “good” number, I celebrated it and told myself that I was “good”.


On the contrary, if the number was not what I expected or wanted, I was instantly upset and my day (and my family’s) was ruined. That reaction often continued all weekend. My thoughts were that I was “bad” and unworthy of weight loss. I would punish myself by restricting my food and beating myself up with unkind words such as I’m fat, unworthy, and hopeless. I told myself that I couldn’t lose weight and that all my work was for nothing. It was so defeating and limiting and did not move me forward in a positive direction. I convinced myself that I was stuck and couldn’t lose weight. It held me back many times. I also labeled myself as “bad”.


Can you relate to anything I described? Have you ever let the scale choose your mood? Have you let your chatter brain take over and keep you down? Most women can relate to this tale of the scale. I finally figured out a way to change my weigh-in experience completely to turn it into a feedback opportunity. It has made a world of difference, and I hope that you can take away one thing to flip your own weigh-in routine into a positive, informative experience.



Choose when to weigh yourself based on what works for you and what your weight loss goals are. There are different schools of thought about how often to weigh yourself. Some people weigh themselves daily, some do it weekly, and some do it monthly. There are even people who weigh themselves only a few times a year. There is no right or wrong way to do this, so put your wants and needs first.



When you step on the scale, remember that it is a piece of metal that gives you feedback on how much you weigh in mass. It does not reflect your self-worth. It does not give you thoughts and feelings; it simply shows you a number. Look at that number and get curious about what it tells you as feedback. THAT. IS. IT.



Look at the number of your weight in mass, write it down (if you wish), and ask yourself what it tells you. For example, ask yourself if it matches your eating plan this past week or not. If so, write down what worked so that you can keep that up. If not, think about why that number may have shown up on the scale. Do this with curiosity and kindness instead of criticism. List honest reasons that your number did not reflect a loss. Be kind and forgiving to yourself as you dig deep to think about this so that you can be objective and not self critical. A last step is to set a few action steps to put you back on track for weight loss the next time you step on the scale.


How you treat this emotionally charged ritual is key to how you progress in your weight loss journey from the inside out. Seeing the scale as a neutral tool and deciding how to think and feel about the number will change this experience completely for you, as it did for me. Believe it or not, the dread and fear will diminish each time you do this when you have flipped your tale of the scale. Be kind to yourself, get curious about the feedback, and plan your next step to a healthier you! You are worth it!


You’ve got this!



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How To Get Out Of Your Weight Loss Funk Today

Written by: Georgette LePage, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

In all honesty, most of us who have been on the weight loss rollercoaster a time or two (or a hundred) have become so discouraged by not making noticeable progress with shedding pounds that we know what it feels like to be down and out. Whether you have 5-10 or more pounds to lose, it can feel hopeless at times to dig yourself out of the hole of despair when you so desperately want extra weight to melt away. Each person’s amount of weight that they want to lose is insignificant in terms of importance; my 5 pounds can be as challenging as someone else’s 20 pounds, etc. I always discourage my clients from hopping on “the compare and despair gerbil wheel” since we all have different goals that are equally as important and worthy.


Do you ever suddenly notice that your clothes are a little snug or that the scale has inched its way up right before your eyes? How upsetting this can feel since we wonder how it could have happened so fast! Pause and ask yourself if this is really the case or has it been happening for a while and you just didn’t realize it? How did it sneak up on you? Did it really? Where has your focus been other than on your weight and why? I highly recommend asking yourself these questions with compassion, love, and patience, as if you were your own best friend. Get curious about what happened and make a list of facts that got you where you are today. Be honest with yourself to be able to move toward a solution.

Once you have a list of the facts, dig deep and remind yourself of why you want to weigh less than you do right now. Be real and be very specific. Add this to your list of facts in the form of one statement. When you know your why, or your motivating factor (MOFA), you can then move forward. This step is key to assess your motivation and determination level. In plain language, “How badly do you want to lose weight?”

Answer this question truthfully in order to move to the next part: YOUR FIRST IMMEDIATE STEP.

Take one step right now, just one! Don’t wait until tomorrow or Monday morning or until after the next dessert or special dinner with friends; START WITH ONE SMALL ACTION STEP RIGHT NOW. That is how you officially start coming up for air from the rabbit hole called “your funk” in order to get unstuck from making no progress at all. Small logical steps start the progress toward weight loss immediately. I assure you that once you take the first action step, you are officially on your way to dropping unwanted pounds. Immediate action pushes you one step closer to the results that you want. Be bold and move forward. Be in charge of your thoughts and believe that the time is right now. Be worthy enough to do this work. Be confident in your abilities to be strong and determined. The only thing you have to lose by getting started is weight; and isn’t that the point?

If this has been your daily story of putting off getting started to shed pounds and it seems important enough at this moment to change, just take ONE step and get started. It can be as simple as cutting out sugar, drinking more water, or writing down your food to see what you are really eating. There are so many options, so start with one that you can do right now! No more excuses for getting started, no more reasons why it might not work, and no more time staying stuck in your weight loss funk. Do you need help, support, and encouragement? Reach out to me to see how I do exactly that for my clients so that they can look better, feel better, and be their best selves on the inside out…one step at a time! It’s your turn and you are worth it!

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Georgette LePage, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Georgette LePage is a certified Health and Life Coach who empowers women all around the world to lose their mental weight first in order to then lose their physical weight. Her approach is honest, real, clear, and genuine with transformational habit change and mindset reset methods. Georgette’s energy and enthusiasm are contagious. Her focus on a healthy lifestyle inspires her clients to leave behind old diet culture thoughts and patterns in order to embrace fresh and simple ways to live their best lives without diet drama. Empowerment, self-confidence, and self-care are cornerstones of the programs that she offers. She helps her clients to get the results that they want with realistic, real-life strategies. She lives her own life the way she coaches others. She listens to what her clients want and guides them with compassion and accountability as they achieve their goals. She works with people of all ages (teens to seniors and every age in between) who are ready to live a healthier, more joyful life. Georgette also hosts the talk radio show WHY WEIGHT? with Dr. Pat Baccili on Transformational Talk Radio. In addition to speaking English, she also is fluent in French and Spanish. Georgette has 32 years of experience as a World Language Teacher, as well. Her coaching motto is: Feel better. Look better. Be your best self!

Weight Loss Mindset Shift ‒ “Nothing Tastes Better Than Healthy Feels”

Written by: Georgette LePage, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


One critical mindset shift during your weight loss journey is my favorite saying: “Nothing tastes better than healthy feels.” Let’s unpack that thought! I’ve said this phrase for years and keep it taped to the top of my desk and read it out loud all the time. When you are determined to shed unwanted pounds, it is very helpful to reframe your thinking in a positive way that builds up your motivation instead of tearing it down. The amount of focus that you put into a goal will determine your results. When you first put this mindset into action, it does take a little practice to turn it into a mindless pattern and a long-lasting habit. Again, remembering your entire journey and the weight loss goal at the end will eventually become enough motivation to do what best supports your goals. Here are a few examples of everyday life situations and how to steer them into the direction of your weight loss success.


SCENARIO #1: You’re eating healthier food in order to lose unwanted pounds by Christmas. You’ve put a lot of thought into why, how, and when you will do this. You’re even working with a health coach to be sure to have accountability and all of the resources and tools you need. So, you accept a friend’s invitation to a cookout and show up with the intention of choosing the healthiest options that align with your current food plan. You even bring a veggie tray with you to be sure that there will be something that you can choose to eat. Although desserts are not on your fuel list right now, you stroll by the dessert table and admire all of the yummy, sugary options. The longer you linger and look, the weaker you are becoming to resist the temptations before you. The “old” version of you would have already given in to one of these treats by now. Today, however, you stop and remind yourself that “NOTHING TASTES BETTER THAN HEALTHY FEELS”. You allow yourself to pause and think this through logically. You remind yourself that any of these desserts will not end up tasting better than your goals will feel. That being said, you walk away feeling empowered and proud of your decision to stay on course to a healthier you! Good for you! 

SCENARIO #2: It’s your birthday and you’ve already lost 20 of the 30 pounds that you want to lose with 2 months left in your projected goal date. You’re feeling pretty confident around food and have developed a kinder, more functional relationship with food. Your family has invited you over for a birthday dinner and Grandma has insisted on making you her famous triple-layer chocolate cake. You have thought this through and arrived at the dinner with a few possible plans to stick to your goals while appreciating the kindness of family members. After a pleasant dinner, which you navigated like a pro, the yummy cake is plopped in front of you with everyone looking at what you are going to do. (This is a very real situation and can cause a person a lot of anxiety, so I highly suggest planning ahead with some options.) You arrived with 2 plans: 1) Smile and ask for a tiny piece of cake and eat it very slowly, perhaps even leaving a little extra on your plate. 2) Smile and politely say that you are full and would like to take your piece home (which you may or may not plan to eat later). Based on how you felt about sticking to your goals tonight, you chose to politely say that you are full and would like to take your piece home. WIN-WIN! Your grandma’s feelings aren’t hurt, nobody can argue with the statement “I’m full.”, and you have more time later without the pressure of others to remind yourself that “NOTHING TASTES BETTER THAN HEALTHY FEELS”. What a great decision to feel healthy at that moment! Your goals belong to you even though there will be times when other people simply do not understand your commitment to your goals. Remember that YOU are in control of your own health and that’s just the way it is!

SCENARIO #3: You’re at work and the boss brings in two boxes of your favorite donuts and tells everyone to dig in! This one is tough for you because you used to always eat donuts when others brought them into work. You didn’t even think about declining them; it was a habit and everyone else was doing it, so why not join in! However, you’re a month into your weight loss journey and you have made lots of progress and have started to create some new food choice habits that are working for you. Your clothes are feeling a little looser and that makes you feel determined and hopeful for more progress. You repeat the mantra “NOTHING TASTES BETTER THAN HEALTHY FEELS” in your head every time you feel hesitation to make the best decision about what you are eating. Today, you’re thinking that these donuts are only available in the summer and are seasonal and oh so yummy. What if you never get to have them again? Then, thankfully, your superpower LOGIC steps in to remind you a few things. First, You’ve worked too hard this month to make significant changes in your eating habits, such as eliminating sugar. These donuts would not serve you. Second, yes, these donuts may be seasonal, but maybe next year you can have one when your fuel patterns are more stable and you can better plan for them. It’s not worth it today because you prefer how healthier food feels and how you look as a result. Lastly, let’s face it; you’ve had enough donuts in your lifetime and can be satisfied with the memory of how they tasted in the past and move forward. I promise you based on experience that this is a very effective way to move on to new, healthier foods. It truly is how you choose to think about a situation and that’s what gives you your power!

In short, it comes down to priorities, focus, and dedication when you practice mindset shifts like this on a daily basis. It can make the difference between significant weight loss or regressing back to where you started at the beginning of your journey. It is truly part of transformational habit change which leads to results that are long-lasting. Doing the hard work up front pays off eventually! Tapping into your determination and focus will get you the results you want with your weight and your health. I speak from experience! You’re worth the work!


You’ve got this!


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Happy Tuesday! One of my favorite coaching strategies is THE POWER OF YET. I use it with clients quite often to help them flip the negative thought of “I can’t”. When clients say, “I can’t.”, it can come across as defeating and discouraging toward their goals. It implies a sense of giving up before you even attempt to do something. It can really hold you back from achieving greatness. The good news is that you are in complete control of what you think and how you feel! You are in charge of your own thoughts!


Do you ever notice that you blurt out “I can’t” before you even have a chance to think about doing something, especially when it might seem hard or like something that you’ve never done before? Probably so! It’s okay to admit that because most of us do!


Here are the most common “I can’t” statements that I hear with a new, positive flipped thought:

I can’t lose weight. → I haven’t lost the weight that I want to yet.

I can’t figure this out. → I haven’t figured this out yet.

I can’t do this! → I just can’t do this yet. 

I can’t understand why I’m getting in my own way. → I just haven’t understood why yet.


These flipped statements are all about shifting your mindset and leaving the door open for endless possibilities to reach your goals. They could often be followed with AND (not but) plus a positive action step. Try flipping your own “I can’t” sentences the next time one creeps into your thoughts and listen to how empowering it is to be more hopeful without even considering giving up on your goals! It’s amazing and you are fully empowered to flip your thoughts!


You’ve got this!


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Happy Tuesday! Thanks for reading my blog today! I appreciate you spending a few minutes of your time here. I’m asking a very big question today: “WHAT IF?” As humans, we tend to give up right before something big is about to happen. Have you ever noticed this? Have you ever done this? I know I have! Are we impatient, scared or unmotivated? Are we all of the above? Why?


A perfect example of this is one of my clients who was struggling with the number on the scale not budging after so much hard work. She was sure that the number did not match her perceived weight loss. She wanted to quit trying to lose weight all together and was very discouraged. In her mind, her effort did not reflect the current result. Why should she keep working so hard if she wasn’t losing weight? Fair question!


I asked her to think about “what if” she was so close to her body releasing weight but she quit before seeing results. What if she would miss out on success due to being impatient and discouraged? Was it worth stopping? Once we spent time talking further, she decided that it was worth some patience and belief in herself and she decided to keep working at it. The very next week, she dropped a handful of pounds and was thrilled! What if she had quit? She would have missed out!


“What if” can be applied to our health and life in so many ways! Does it make you curious about staying motivated and determined to patiently wait for hard work to pay off? What is your most recent “What if” moment? Did you give up early or did you stick it out to see results? I invite you to notice this mindset this week and try to talk yourself into staying the course with a goal a little longer. Chances are you’ll be pleasantly surprised!


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You’ve got this!



Happy Tuesday! Close your eyes and think about standing at the bottom of a staircase. If you were to look all the way up to the top step, it would be obvious that you couldn’t just jump from the bottom step and automatically get to the top step, right? It takes the action of moving from the bottom step to the top one by taking one step at a time. Visualizing the staircase will help you realize that it works in that same way for everything!


Now open your eyes and think about the last time that you expected a healthy change to take place instantly! Were you impatient? Did you really expect to reach your goal without doing the work in small steps? Why did you put so much pressure on yourself to succeed instantly?


In our world today, we expect things to be instant and effortless, but no one can really ever promise us that. We often buy into instant  gratification, especially with our health goals. You may ask yourself why it takes so long to lose weight or why it is hard to exercise for more than a few days without wanting to quit. Knowing that small steps lead to big changes can help you to reframe your thoughts so that you can realistically achieve your goals. Keeping this in mind and picturing that staircase that I mentioned earlier will encourage you to be patient, realistic, and hopeful while setting and meeting your health goals or any other goals for that matter. You have the power to choose how you think about taking small steps! It’s up to you! Which path would serve you best? Try some small steps and let me know who that feels and what happens!


You’ve got this!